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Welcome to the Tron Investment Revolution

With our (smarter) Smart Contract we have build a unique, stronger and fully sustainable investment structure that allows anyone to double their Tron! 200% ROI for everyone!

200% Return of Investment
for everyone
Several Powerups
to increase your daily ROI
9 Lvl Referral Rewards
with Powerups
Special Rewards
for Investors & Referrals
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Total Invested


Total Investors

Total Withdrawn


Pyramid PowerUps

Activate Power Modules to increase your daily earnings.
Base ROI: 2.0% daily

Daily Bonus


Get 0.1% earning bonus for every 24 hours since your first withdraw.

Contract Bonus


For every 500'000 TRX in our contract all investors receive 0.1% additional daily ROI.

Referral Bonus

Unlock your referral bonus by inviting new investors to Tron Pyramid. Also added to your referral earnings!

0.1% from 5 Referrals
0.5% from 15 Referrals
1.0% from 50 Referrals
1.5% from 100 Referrals
2.0% from 250 Referrals
2.5% from 500 Referrals

Whale Rewards

Great investors shall receive great daily ROI rewards! Based on total investment and permanent.

0.1% Invested 2500 TRX
0.5% Invested 10'000 TRX
1.0% Invested 25'000 TRX
1.5% Invested 100'000 TRX
2.0% Invested 250'000 TRX
2.5% Invested 1'000'000 TRX

Top Referrals Rewards

Our top 10 Referrals (people referring the most investors) receive additional bonuses of up to 2%. The top 3 also get a steady income deducted from every deposit. System wide.

Investor Referrals Daily Bonus Fee Cut
#1 0x0 250 2.0% 0.5%
#2 0x0 100 1.5% 0.2%
#3 0x0 50 1.0% 0.1%
#4-10 See all 0.5% -

Top Investor Rewards

Our top 10 Investors (by total invested) receive additional bonuses of up to 3%. The top 3 even get a steady income deducted from every deposit. System wide.

Investor Invested TRX Daily Bonus Fee Cut
#1 0x0 100'000 TRX 2.0% 0.5%
#2 0x0 50'000 TRX 1.5% 0.2%
#3 0x0 25'000 TRX 1.0% 0.1%
#4-10 See all 0.5% -


The top 3 Investors & Promoters get a fee cut up to 0.5% of every investment made on Tron Pyramid additionally to the 200% of their investments. The fee cut can be withdrawn anytime in your investments.

Telegram Rain Fee

0.4% of every deposit are automatically sent to our Telegram Seedit wallet (once it reaches 25 TRX or more). And periodically rained and airdropped (for online users).

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Pyramid Referral

Your Referral Dashboard

Promotion is everything. So we built a 6 Level Referral System to maximize the earnings of our busy promoters. Earn up to 6 levels down your referral chain (if your referrals, refer new users, etc).

Increase your Referral & Whale Powerup to increase your Level 1 Referral earnings up to 5%!













Need ideas for promotion channels? There are MANY easy ways to spread your referral link. The most Popular include: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram & Reddit. But more local Networks like VK can also be super effective. Write a nice text to get more people interested!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Tron Pyramid is a 100% Safe & Fair Smart Contract that allows anyone to double their Tron (TRX). Every investment keeps generating dividends until 200% of the initial investment are reached, you can invest and withdraw anytime but your daily ROI increases the longer you withstand withdrawing. There are several other Powerups that can increase your daily ROI.

This works because we keep advertising Tron Pyramid on different platforms due to our Referral System and reserved funds for advertisments. This quarantees a long term growth for our contract.

Tron Pyramid has 4 different Powerups that all increase your daily return of investment rate.

Daily ROI Description Permanent
Daily Bonus + 0 - 30% 0.1% for every 24h since your first deposit
Contract Bonus + 0 - 50% 0.1% for every 500'000 currently in the contract
Referral Bonus up to + 2.5% Hit milestones by referring new Investors. Yes
Whale Rewards up to + 2.5% Hit milestones by investing certain amounts. Yes

You can also get 0.5% - 2% for being in either list Top 10 Referrals or Top 10 Investors

On Desktop / Laptop

The easiest way to use Tron Pyramid on your Desktop/Laptop is to use TronLink. Simply install the extension on your browser, open up and get some TRX ready to start investing.

On Mobile

The easiest way to use Tron Pyramid on your Android or iOS phone is also TronLink. You can however also use TronWallet for example. Simply install the app, open up and get some TRX ready to start investing.

Our long running contract and 6 level referral structure allows for a steady income for any active promoter. By Posting in Facebook Groups, Telegram Groups and inviting your Friends & Followers on any social Platform you can easily earn up to 10% (check the table above) per referral. And if your referrals refer further referrals you start earning for the other referral levels as well. If done right, we talk about automated income here. Especially if you start advertising early!

Tron Pyramid is completely trustless and has no central entity. The Verified Smart Contract can be read & checked by anyone and can not be modified. This means the above rules are exactly what applies and there is no way of chaning that. This concept is known as "Trust Less" because you do not have to trust us in order to verify that everything is transparent and honest.

Many people also choose to check our latest transactions where you'll find proof of deposits as well as withdraws.